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Accessibility, Portability, Protection: the hallmarks of all ASSERO products

convertible back/front-packs for active individuals

Founded in 2010, ASSERO specializes in functional convertible back/front-packs for active individuals. After Assero's founder purchased his iPad, he realized a major draw back – unless he was sitting, he couldn't use it. He wanted to create a protective, carrying device that would serve multiple purposes. A bag to function as a desk, briefcase, cell phone holder, wallet -- a complete mobile office. And, with that ASSERO was born.

The Promise:

Meticulously designed by a celebrated engineering team, ASSERO bags are intricately constructed to provide function and protection. Complementing the purposeful design and hand-crafted construction, unique consideration to quality fabrics and materials balance the ASSERO brand quality.

At ASSERO, we operate under a core set of guaranteed principles:

  • Quality construction
  • Ultimate functionality
  • Complete portability
  • Sustained customer satisfaction

The loyalty we have to our brand enthusiasts is something we hold sacred. Our guarantee to our customers? We will always strive to never disappoint, always exceed expectations, and hold true to our brand hallmarks.