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iPad for Nurses, iPad for Architects, iPad for Students

Created to allow easy access to all things important, ASSERO iPad accessories provide a portable and protective way to carry your Apple iPad. With a signature mobile desktop, ASSERO back/front-packs allow fully functional iPad operation ... anywhere. Reinforced zippers, flexible adjustable straps and breathable fabrics enhance comfort while detailed interiors provide functionality and soft cushioning to protect the device.

Features Include:

  • Hands free protective carrying iPad case
  • Forward facing design permits mobile hands free iPad use
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design allows typing with both hands
  • High-quality fabrics include mesh breathable straps and backing, soft fleece-like interior fabric for ipad/screen protection
  • Three carrying options - front/back pack or hide straps in back pocket and use double enforced grip for hand-carrying
  • Pockets for personal belongings

Assero Defender

The ultimate mobile office.

Perfect for active, technology-savvy individuals needing to securely carry and use an Apple iPad while staying mobile, active, and hands-free.

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Assero Protector

For those that do not require a complete mobile office solution.

Protector, a slimmed down version of the Defender tech-pack, boasts ASSERO's signature flexible design without all the pockets and mobile office accessories.

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