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iPad bag for businessmen

Whether traveling, commuting or pursuing active sports, ASSERO bags allow easy front-access to your Apple iPad and personal gear. With a comfortable, flexible fit and suitable for professional or personal use, ASSERO convertible back/front-packs offer a unique solution to remaining hands-free. Here is what our customers are saying:

"ASSERO changed my world. As medical sales professional I’m constantly on the road and in/out of medical offices. I was so tired of carrying two briefcases... one, my mobile office, and the other full of samples and brochures. I thought the Apple iPad was going to revolutionize my industry, but while it’s convenient - it requires a desk which isn’t often available to me. ASSERO iPad bags allow me to stay on the move, remain effective and lose the 2nd briefcase." - Morgan Rash

"My Apple iPad is heavier than I expected; and, to carry it with patient files and everything else was just not convenient. I looked for iPad covers, iPad cases, iPad bags, iPad sleeves everywhere, but wasn’t pleased with anything on the market. My ASSERO iPad bag allows me to run around the hospital hands-free with everything conveniently available as I need it." - Becky Rutland

"As a contractor, I’m constantly taking notes while I’m moving. The Apple iPad wasn’t an option to me because it is awkward to use while standing. But now, the ASSERO iPad case has helped me be more effective by bringing the iPad into my world in a convenient and functional way. Plus the iPad sleeve, is such a cool touch. My architects and fellow contractors think it is genius, too." - Brian Colings, Contractor

"I love to be outdoors, hiking and biking. But, I need to stay connected. I used to carry my iPhone in a backpack... but to get the backpack off and find the phone buried in the bottom was not an optimal solution. And, I never dreamed my iPad could come with me on my adventures. Now, with the ASSERO iPad bag…I have everything right in front, including my iPad... all easily accessible for all my needs." - Daniel Cole, Sports Enthusiast

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Saw this at MacWorld, so super cool. I work in entertainment industry as a Director's assistant. He directs our TV show with an iPad and this would be perfect for him.

This beats any iPad sleeve, iPad case, iPad cover I’ve seen to date. So innovative.

Best iPad case or iPad accessory on the market.

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