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iPad Convertible Back/Front Tech-Pack

Perfect for active, technology-savvy individuals needing to securely carry and use an Apple iPad while staying mobile, active, and hands-free. Complete with plenty of compartments for carrying your wallet, phone, charger(s), pen, notepad, credit cards, and more – this iPad carrier is the ultimate mobile office.

Available for all tablet sizes


  • Neoprene iPad Sleeve With Velcro to Easily Adjust the Device To a Comfortable Location
  • Brushed Tricot Fabric iPad/Screen Protector


  • Adjustable Straps
  • Mesh, Breathable Fabric Against the Body
  • Memory Foam


  • Easy Latch/Unlatch Buckles
  • Flexible as a Front or Back Pack
  • Microfiber Interior Flexible Pockets
  • Front Secretarial Pocket With Slots for Credit Cards, Cash, Pen, Phone, Keys, Driver’s License, Ski Pass
  • iPod Pocket with Head Phone Cord Access
  • Large Back Pocket to Hide Straps
  • Double Enforced Carrying Handle Allows Bag to Be Hand-Carried as well


  • Front Pack

  • Defender 4 in 1 Convertible Back Pack

  • Front pocket with microfiber interior for credit cards, pens, phone, headphones

  • Adjustable straps forward-facing design allows hands-free, mobile use of iPad

  • Soft fleece-like protective panel with micro-fiber hidden pockets

  • Hidden pockets for charger(s), phone, and large zipper pocket for extra storage

  • Mesh, breathable fabric and memory foam on shoulder straps and back

  • Ergonomic Design allows hands-free mobile use of iPad

  • Three carrying options - Hand-Carried

  • Three carrying options - Back Pack

  • Front pack for when in use